You may not be an opera star, but sing anyway. Let your song sink in.Enjoy it. At home,sing while you work. Sing while you are getting ready to go somewhere. Sing in the car. You’ll never know how much music you have in your heart until you sing out for the world to hear. Continue reading Sing


You can’t, and you shouldn’t, work all the time , You need to relax . Include others in your fun, Espically your family; but be secure in yourself. Enjoy yourself in the deepest sense. Be active . You have God given powers. You can walk. You can read . You can write. You can choose to bike,ski,swim,play golf or tennis. You might want to think, … Continue reading RELAX

New level– To New love–To a new life

Your most insignificant act of kindness doesn’t go unnoticed. Your smallest gift of love may become the most valuable possession you’ll ever own. Go ahead and give that gift and let your love be guided by a force greater than yourself Love causes our personality to increase to extend, to grow to become more enriched with each other new communication; Just as in The furrow … Continue reading New level– To New love–To a new life


The modern idea of success is much wider and deeper and richer than the idea our forefathers had. Success is no more bound up with money or fame or power. To be success means to be successful as a person. Integrated and controlled within And also in interpersonal relationships. To be successful is to be organised assured quite well-informed responsible active confident courageous and efficient. … Continue reading Success

Human Relationships

Let us, for the moment, look at good human relationships strictly from the selfish viewpoint. Let us ignore completely what it means to the other fellow; how deeply satisfying it is to him; how it feeds many of his deepest internal needs and hungers, such as those for the warmth of friendliness, the re-assurance of recognition, the feeling of importance that comes from being needed, … Continue reading Human Relationships