New level– To New love–To a new life

Your most insignificant act of kindness doesn’t go unnoticed. Your smallest gift of love may become the most valuable possession you’ll ever own.

Go ahead and give that gift and let your love be guided by a force greater than yourself

Love causes our personality to increase to extend, to grow to become more enriched with each other new communication;

Just as in The furrow the wheat first appears as ears, then as sheaves, then as a whole crop with the power to seed the entire soil.

I remember watching a ship being raised in a lock on St.Lawrence Seaway.

The huge Boat was lifted — not by its own power, but by water which was poured into the lock from ahigher water level.

It came from above .And the giant sea going vessel was raised.

Your life can be filled with water from above that will lift you to a New level– to New love–To a new life


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