Being nice to people

Time and time again in business and in personal life we see the rewards that come from just being nice to people.

Most of us are so hurried by the details of the day’s work that we don’t think of taking the little time needed to be thoughtful and considerate of others. We are so preoccupied by the mechanics of the job that we fail to be tactful, gracious and helpful.

Yet it is these acts of being nice that cause people to feel kindly and to show favour to us. It is the moments we take to be friendly, to be a little extra helpful, or to say a word of praise, or of sympathy, or of encouragement, that frequently make for us the best friends and supporters.

It can quite possibly be that these little moments and acts are the deciding factor in getting for us some extra consideration that will close a sale in our favour, or win, a promotion for us. But what is most important is that they are the ones that will earn for us the devotion and good- will of others.

And it is this very thing – the goodwill and devotion of others – that all of us need more than anything else if we wish to be successful either as individuals or as a business organization. We cannot operate alone; we must accomplish through others, and we are dependent on their feelings towards us.

As individuals we can never function entirely by ourselves. All our acts are in relationship to some other person or persons, and their outcome is determined in some measure, large or small, by that person’s willingness or unwillingness to have us succeed in those actions. We have others working for us, or against us, and it is up to us to determine which way it will be.

As business organizations, too, we have the same situation, except that the relationships are multiplied. We have more people to deal with, more people whose loyalty and goodwill we must win to our side, if we wish to succeed.

But in both instances, we know that the most effective way of winning people to wish good for us, and to act for our good, is to be nice to them. It is to be nice not just to the few whom we approve or favour, but to all with whom we have association of any kind.

To be friendly, tactful, helpful and gracious to all with whom we come in contact, that is the trick. To take a moment to be nice to people wherever we meet them, to give them a little extra measure of thoughtfulness, and consideration, and appreciation – it is this that returns goodwill and devotion to us in overflowing measure.


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