The Sound of Silence

Walking on the road side with a friend one day and singing songs some oldies and some of the present days. Thinking out where our future would lead us to, An idea that struck him was “can we develop our career in singing too ??”

It wasn’t just a question but a small hope, It was Difficult but full of scope.

Thus started the evolution of our team so-called as Sound of Silence.With all Five members Inas Rodrigues (Singer and Sound Engineer), Reuel Kunder(Singer and musician), Dione Watson(Singer), Laveena Lobo(Singer), Adrian Dsouza(Video Editor and Script Writer), Franky Fernandes(Singer), Sanford Dsouza(cinematographer).

It was impossible to start a group without these interesting and innovative talents, Now that the group was formed the second important Task was setting up the studio which too was done.

Now When is the Launch of our Channel for cover songs??

The channel launch and our first cover video would be live in the month of April Stay tuned for the Sound of Silence.


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