Everythging As you are Everything to me

As I awoke to the beginning of a brand new day, it seemed like waves of trials kept coming my way.

Problem after problem was all I could see, and I cried out, “Lord, what is it you want from me?”

The answer that came from the One Most High, was nothing but a very simple reply,

It was one unexpected, but yet rang so true, It’s something He desires from me and from you.

He said, “EVERYTHING”.

I want you to know ME as your Saviour and Guide, The One who will always be right there at your side.

I want you to serve ME through the good times and bad, To sing praises to My Name whether you’re happy or sad.

I want your faith to grow stronger as each day goes by, To trust ME when there’s no answer to your questions of “Why?”

To learn of MY love and to feel MY embrace, When you’re called to endure the hardships you face.

I want no one or nothing to take MY place in your heart, In whatever you should do, I want to take part.

Stand on My promises, let nothing cause you doubt, In the end, you will see that all things will work out.

So you see, my dear child, I want to be your all in all, To depend on MY presence when you stand or when you fall, When you question just what is it that I want from thee. My answer is EVERYTHING, as you are EVERYTHING to ME!


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